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Original Promotional Video For The Global Currency Reset Book

Even though the global currency reset conspiracy crowd promotes an any minute overnight dollar crash, nothing could be further from the truth. So-called global currency reset gurus and analysts predict dates and then upload these dates in videos all over YouTube. The following videos are my attempt to debunk the hype.

The reason for the dollar predictions is because it creates urgency. It creates the need to invest in the many global currency reset products that are available. It is important that people know what I am saying. I am not claiming that the stock market is never going to crash like it did in 2008. We are not claiming that the dollar will never lose value. I am not claiming that there will never be an economic downturn, or that the economy will not slow down. There is no claim being made that we won’t go through a recession or a depression. The reason I bring this up is because people have made these accusations before. So let’s be clear what the actual claim of this book is.

The dollar is not going to crash in one night causing every nation around the globe to totally abandon its use. It is not going to fall in value while every other over printed currency around the globe skyrockets. An overnight crash of the dollar is not possible without a total annihilation of the global economy! The whole system would collapse making global commerce impossible. Yet these are just some of the claims that can be found in the Global Currency Reset conspiracy theory. Many times history is rewritten by this conspiracy to make it seem more plausible. Read articles that I personally wrote that debunks some of this stuff by clicking on the links below.

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